Ever since we opened, we operated our business of transport services under one simple premise: serving the needs of our customers better than the competition. We carry out our activity with integrity in a safe and responsible way, from social point of view.
Today, we have refined our operations, we have expanded our services and we have simplified the complex world of transport to the point where all clients we serve have full confidence in the quality of our work and capabilities. Transport Werk is committed to creating an environment of trust, commitment and security for each partner, employee, shareholder and community where they carry out their activity
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Shipping company

When it comes to shipping the cargo, regardless of the field, you have a variety of options of transport services available to choose from. It is important to know exactly what kind of transport services the company you call on offers, so that it will be able to prepare properly the shipping item. Calling on our company services you will benefit from safe freight transports, using lorries and trucks from our fleet. By the shipping company we provide freight transport services on international land routes, ensuring professionalism, fairness and quality.

Dedicated transport

In our company, the focus is on customer-centered solutions. We monitor the implementation of transportation management programs focused on maximizing the resources. Each solution is customized to the specific needs of each client. Thus, for the partners with greater volumes of transport, we offer solutions and types of transport specifically designed for these situations, containing the fleet and specialized personnel. The safety of transport and confidence that your goods arrive to destination in a perfect condition and when desired are advantages which you will benefit of, calling on our professional services.

Complete transport services

We are specialized in providing logistics solutions for clients whose needs of supply chain are complex. Whatever the way of transport required, we can help you transport the cargo desired in conditions of maximum safety and on time. Our transport services cover a wide range of categories, including: general palletized cargo, sheet metal rollers and stainless steel coils, volume cargo, ADR dangerous cargo, refrigerated and frozen goods or that require controlled temperature, bulk cargo (ferrous and nonferrous scrap).

24/7 Dispatch

Dispatch is where key decisions are made and customer needs are met. Our dispatchers are really dedicated, and their passion is shown through smooth flow of operations, they perform successfully. Regardless of the time of day or night, when you need, we assure you of an effective communication with partners, drivers and traffic department, in order to solve any problems related to transport services. Moreover, our operators will provide telephone support in: English, French, Spanish, Italian and German. Experienced dispatchers make a big difference in what concern transport services. While your cargo is being delivered, our personnel will keep you in touch 24/7.

Permanent location of the vehicles

Thanks to our advanced tracking and communication technology, the vehicles in our fleet can be permanently located. The same technology allows us to observe any deviation from the original route and the time criteria established. Moreover, the great advantage of this service is the possibility to check the status of transport, being able to approximate the arrival time at the destination.

Advisory services

Transport Werk offers advisory services for the entire fleet of trucks. They are made in full compliance with the law, providing our partners with 100% confidence. For the orders with multiple unloading in different locations, we also offer advisory services for the trucks at all outlets.


Transport Werk has a full fleet of trucks, with truck models that meet the highest and strictest standards as concerns the emission of CO2, namely Euro 6.

All vehicles are backed by telematics system. With this innovation, not only we know the current location of the load, but also we can monitor the parameters of a vehicle, as well as the driver.

By the fleet of trucks available, we want to provide our partners with reliable and on time transport services.

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